Valspar Industrial Mix

The Valspar Industrial Mix product line is designed to perform. VIM offers high performance coatings to provide protection from abrasion, corrosion and weather. Direct-to-Metal technology and accelerated cure through will help you get the job completed faster and more cost effectively.

Al Aqwas has strategically partnered with Sherwin williams which is one of the largest global coatings manufacturers in the world, under Sherwin Williams the brand Valspar is dedicated to bring customers the latest innovations, the finest quality, and the best customer service in the coatings industry in the middle-east. Al Aqwas has been able to give its customers a world class product because of Valspar’s truly unique position to supply customers with the coating solutions they need.

Valspar Group 1
Valspar is a leading supplier to industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEM) clients throughout the world. A lot of the most well-known names in heavy duty equipment manufacturing rely on Valspar’s quality and expertise

Valspar Industrial Mix

For small OEMs and aftermarket Al Aqwas can provide Valspar’s light industrial mixing system, called Valspar Industrial Mix.


TB512 – PU topcoat DTM matt
TB510 – PU topcoat DTM high gloss
TB520 – PU topcoat binder basic high gloss
TB511 – PU topcoat DTM semi gloss

TB300 – synthetic topcoat binder gloss


PB500 – PU primer binder DTM (tintable)
PB300 – synthetic primer binder DTM
FP400 – epoxy primer DTM grey
FP401 – epoxy primer DTM white
FP620 – wash primer grey
FP402 – zinch rich epoxy primer grey


RS405 – epoxy reducer

RS603 – universal reducer – fast

RS605 – universal reducer – medium

RS607 – universal reducer – slow


AU500 – PU activator

AP401 – epoxy primer activator

AP402 – zich rich primer activator


AA600 – accelerator

FP600 – plastic primer

AD690 – degreaser solvent based liquid
AD600 – high build additive.

Al Aqwas offers Prospray, a brand of Valspar Automotive, which is a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coatings. A new breed of Paint Company set on one goal: to deliver supremely refined, profitable and streamlined refinishing systems, with precise colour match and high performance products and tools.

Prospray is a complete system, offering all the products you need to achieve excellent results and succeed as a business. The range includes primers, toners, clear coats, hardeners and thinners.


Cleaners & Additives

A clean surface is vital for a long-lasting, durable finish, our range of cleaning products ensure you can achieve a spotless base before further application

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
A-380Matting Agent1L3
A-4972 Component Accelerator500mL6
A-706Black Tint Concentrate500mL6
P-2020Plasticising Additive1L3
R-6028Basecoat Blender1L3
W820Antistatic Degreaser5L6


High-build and easy-to sand primers suitable for all applications.

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
A-500Extra Build-Easy Sand Primer Grey1L, 3,75L3, 2
A-7002K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer – Grey1L, 3,75L3, 2
A-7022K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer – White1L, 3,75L3, 2
A-7042K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer – Black1L, 3,75L3, 2
A-514Chromate free etch primer1L3
A-524Plastic Bumper Primer Clear (RTS)1L3


Prospray can be mixed as a basecoat using a highsolid, normal-solid or low-solid level. The level is adjusted in Pro-FIT. The basecoat system offers excellent coverage and superior blending and uses a 1:1 mixing ratio with thinners or as an option, active with activators.

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
Aluminum Toners   
AB-810H.S. Bright Medium Aluminium3,75L2
AB-814H.S. Fine Aluminium3,75L2
AB-816H.S. Medium Aluminium3,75L2
AB-818H.S. Medium Coarse Aluminium3,75L2
AB-832H.S. Very Coarse Aluminium1L3
AB-841Shining Coarse Aluminium3,75L2
AB-842Silver Dollar Coarse Aluminium1L3
AB-844Fine Satin Aluminium1L3
HS Toners   
HB-500H.S. Super White3,75L2
HB-511H.S. Claret1L3
HB-512H.S. Lagoon Blue1L3
HB-545H.S. Strong Red1L3
HB-546H.S. Black3,75L2
HB-551H.S. Blue Green1L3
HB-552H.S. Fast Blue1L3
HB-570H.S. Brilliant Red1L3
MS Toners   
MB-204Yellow Oxide1L3
MB-206Red Oxide1L3
MB-229Blue Lake3,75L3
MB-231Blue Black1L3
MB-237Tone controller1L3
MB-201Pale White1L3
MB-240Transoxide Red1L3
MB-251Fast Blue1L3
MB-272Cyan Blue1L3
MB-273Bronze Green1L3
MB-278Transoxide Yellow1L3
MB-279Strong Yellow1L3
Pearl Toners   
PB-780Pearl White1L3
PB-781Fine Pearl White1L3
PB-782Pearl Blue1L3
PB-783Red Pearl1L3
PB-784Pearl Gold1L3
PB-785Copper Pearl1L3
PB-786Pearl White Ultrafine1L3
PB-787Pearl Red Fine1L3
PB-788Russet Pearl Fine1L3
PB-789Pearl Blue Fine1L3
PB-790Pearl Violet Medium1L3
PB-791Pearl Green Medium1L3
PB-792H.S. Blue Frost1L3
PB-794Gold Flash1L3
PB-795Orange Aluminium1L3
VHS Toners   
VB-602Bright Maroon1L3
VB-604Pale Yellow1L3
VB-606H.S. Orange Red1L3
VB-610Medium Yellow1L3
VB-615Ultra Jet Black1L3
VB-620H.S Red Violet1L3
VB-624H.S. Speed Red1L3
Xirallic Toners   
PSE-1001Crystal Silver500mL6
PSE-1002Sunbeam Gold500mL6
PSE-1003Radiant Red500mL6
PSE-1004Galaxy Blue500mL6
PSE-1005Stellar Green500mL6
Optional Toners   
PB-796Super Orange Pearl1L3
PSE-1006Solaris Red500mL6
PSE-1007Fireside Copper500mL6
PSE-1008Cosmic Turquoise500mL6
PSE-1009Amethyst Dream500mL6
PSE-1010Viola Fantasy500mL6
PSE-1011Arctic Fire500mL6
PSE-1012Tropic Sunrise500mL6
PSE-1013Autumn Mystery500mL6
VB-607Brilliant Orange1L3


A choice of binders for use with our flexible solid colour and basecoat system.

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
BCB-005Basecoat Flip Control3,75L2
BCB-600Basecoat Balancer3,75L2
BCB-825Basecoat Flip Control H.S3,75L2
EBA-50Engine Bay Adjuster3,75L2
EBB-20Engine Bay Binder3,75L2
SCB-408Single Layer Binder3,75L2
SCB-673Single Layer Adjuster3,75L2
SCBC-574Solid Colour Basecoat Converter3,75L2


A selection of thinners that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
A-116Medium Basecoat Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
A-1182K Universal Medium Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
A-1192K Universal Fast Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
ICR-1401Fade Out Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
ICR-16922K H.S. Fast Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
ICR-16932K H.S. Medium Thinner1L, 5L3, 6
ICR-16942K H.S. Slow Thinner5L6


A range of activators in different sizes to meet the needs of most body shops.

Item CodeProduct NameCan SizePer Box
A-516Etch Primer Activator1L3
ICA-601FCC Normal Activator2,5L6
ICA-602FCC Express Activator2,5L6
ICA-660Normal Activator2,5L6
ICA-690Express Activator1L, 2,5L3, 6
ICA-800M.S. Slow Activator1L, 2,5L3, 6
ICA-801M.S. Normal Activator500mL, 1L, 2,5L6, 3, 6
ICA-802M.S. Express Activator500mL, 1L, 2,5L6, 3, 6
ICA-803M.S. Rapid Activator250ml, 1L6, 3

Masking in repainting process is very critical for which Al Aqwas has partnered with Nerpel masking paper as it is the best choice when it comes to repainting processes. The paper specially developed for bodywork, is made of virgin paste, is soft, tear resistant and has low permeability. In addition, it comes from renewable resources, which makes it the best choice from an environmental point of view. Add to this the economic advantage you have over other types of solutions.

The use of Nerpel masking paper will result in the elimination of plastic thus minimizing the environmental impact, seeking efficiency in the use of resources and boosting good practices on sustainability in the social as well as industrial environment.

Masking papers offered by Nerpel through Al Aqwas is PERC certified. The goal of PEFC is to ensure that the world’s forests are managed responsibly, and that their many functions are protected for present and future generations. Products of forest origin (wood, paper, cork, mushrooms, resins, essences…) certified by PEFC guarantee to consumers that they are buying products from sustainably managed forests

Foam tapes

Polyurethane masking foams from Nerpel is a seamless strip available in various cross section to suit the desired application. Foam tapes is used typically for less accessible joints and corners of the auto-body. Nerpel foam tapes are manufactured with adhesive strip for easy application to fit into door jambs, bonnet, trunk and other less accessible gaps. With the new T shaped foam strip the user gets a fantastic coverage of slots with outstanding T-Topping. Nerpel foam tapes are available in


  • Classic Roundish
  • Triangular
  • New T-shape Foam Tape

And available in a self-dispensing box.

Auto Body Masking tape

Nerpel Auto-body masking tapes are quality premium product rated with extra 80ºC masking tape rating. A highly professional quality masking tape for automotive and general use. The unique features are

  • Fantastic adherence
  • Does not go through the paint and damage it
  • Can be used on multi-surface
  • Available in individual blister packs for user convenience.

Other Products

  • Body fillers
  • Polishes
  • Abrasives
  • Spray gun
  • Sanding machine
  • Paint booth accessories
  • Masking products

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